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Ferrara, città del Rinascimento,
e il suo Delta del Po

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17 pearls of Ferrara

Discover the 17 pearls of Ferrara!

Le 17 perle ferraresi


The typical products of excellenceto taste the flavours of the sea and of the earth in the whole province.

Garlic of Voghiera - DOP

Garlic plays an important role in many typical dishes of Ferrara because it matches many different tastes, especially fish dishes in the southern part of the region, as well as to season salamis and bacon.

The garlic of Voghiera is particularly well known and has been given the Protected Geographical Origin mark. During the garlic festival in Voghiera the local producers meet to exchange their views on production techniques and garlic varieties.

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  • Traditional products
  • The 17 pearls
  • Products with european acknowledgements
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