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Hall of the Months

Hall of the Months
Leaving the 14th century wing, a short stairway leads to the Hall of the Months, which conserves one of the most important 15th-century cycles of frescoes in Italy. It is the collective work of different Ferrarese painters from the school of Cosmè Tura, among whom were Francesco del Cossa and Ercole de’ Roberti. The high walls are divided into 12 sections, one for each month, but today only the months from March to September can be seen (to be read anticlockwise). Each month is in turn divided into three horizontal bands: in the upper one (the World of gods) are the triumphant chariots of pagan gods, surrounded by mythological or ordinary life scenes. The world of man, upon which are inflicted the divine laws, is painted in the lower part showing the activities of the court and the townsfolk, and in which the figure of the patron, Duke Borso d’Este is portrayed, glorified as a wise and fair governor of his states. The third band is placed between men and gods and shows Western and Egyptian Zodiac signs, evidence of the great importance held by astrological “science” in the Estense court.
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