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Hall of the Virtues

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Hall of the Virtues

In the Hall of the Virtues, a sumptuous gold-painted panelled ceiling can be admired, realised by Domenico di Paris in the 15th century, with decorative motifs of rare beauty, among which are the duke’s badges. In the upper band of the walls the seated women represent the Cardinal and Theological Virtues. Note that the virtue that is missing is Justice, the one that the patron Borso considered most important. It was probably represented in a different form from the others (a fresco or a statue) or even, as some maintain, personified in the duke himself when, in this very room, he sat to listen to entreaties and settle legal disputes. This and the next room, the Sala delle Imprese, with its beautiful blue and gold caisson ceiling, conserve other objects belonging to the museum, including illuminated books from the monasteries of San Giorgio and the Certosa.

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