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Museum of Natural History

The Museum is closed to the public until further notice
Museum of Natural History

The museum offers the visitor a broad review of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, invertebrates and insects covering branches of the natural sciences such as zoology (the ornithological collection is particularly well-endowed) and entomology.

There are large collections of fossils, minerals and rocks in the sections devoted to the earth sciences: palaeontology, geology and mineralogy. Of particular interest is "Earth’s Environment", a section dealing with understanding the environment and its development and organised using innovative museum techniques, which brings to light the environmental diversity and changes in the world we inhabit. The Specialist Library, the Reading Room and the Educational Section are also the public’s service. The museum also carries out important work in scientific research and the spread of knowledge.
Education Section of the Museum, tel. 0532 203381/206297.

How to get here

On foot: 5 minutes from the Este Castle;
bus n. 1 and n. 9 from the Train Station.

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