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Giovanni Boldini Museum

TEMPORARILY CLOSED. Re-opening after restoration. The Boldini Museum is dedicated to the Ferrarese painter who lived between 1842 and 1931.
Giovanni Boldini Museum

After the first years of training spent in Tuscany, Paris and London, Boldini settled permanently in the French capital where he developed his own unmistakable style and became the most popular portrait painter of high society. The most glamorous women of his time vied to sit for him, trusting in his brush and his very personal style to render them immortal. The visit begins in three small rooms with works realised by the artist in his younger days, among which are a Self-portrait and the oil painting Two White Horses. In the fourth room, magnificently frescoed and of vast proportions, five large paintings are on display, which alone bear witness to Boldini’s mastery of the portrait: Countess Gabrielle de Rasty, The Infanta Eulalia of Spain, The Little Subercaseuse, Countess de Leusse and Fireworks, all painted between 1878 and 1891. Then come two rooms without any paintings, a corridor painted entirely with medallions and imitation sculptures and a magnificent Rococo drawing room decorated in gold and white stucco. The Woman in Rose, which has become the symbol of the museum, is exhibited in the penultimate room.


How to get here

On foot: 15 min. from the Este Castle; bus n. 3/C from the train station.

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