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Oratorio dell'Annunziata

Built in the 14th century, it was once the home of the Brotherhood of Death, which handled the burial of all the city’s forlorn folk and particularly worshipped the Holy Cross.
Oratorio dell'Annunziata

Following the donation of a relic, a piece of the invaluable cross, by the Queen of Naples Isabella of Aragon, who was in exile in Ferrara, the oratory was completely frescoed with the Histories of the Holy Cross by Ferrarese artists. It constitutes an interesting example of a 16th-century decorative cycle that is still intact. The work was done by Camillo and Cesare Filippi, Niccolò Roselli and Giovan Francesco Surchi, known as ‘il Dielaì’. Curiously, the most highly valued fresco in the oratory is not part of the cycle: The Resurrection behind the altar. The artwork is so refined as to be attributed to the school of Pisanello if not even to the master himself. Above the fresco is The Annunciation by Gregorio Boari (19th century). On the opposite wall, in a golden altar, is the painting Madonna Giving the Belt to St. Thomas by the Flemish artist Lambert van Noort (16th century).



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Ferrara - Via Borgo di Sotto, 49

How to get here

On foot: 15 minutes from the Castle Estense.
By bus: No. 1 and No. 9 from the Railway Station, stop in v.le Cavour-Parco Pareschi (400 meters).
Accessible by car (parking only on street nearby).
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