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Gospel concert The Charleston Mass Choir


Gospel concert
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Charleston Mass Choir honors gospel’s musical pioneers while stretching the genre’s boundaries.

Whether swaying to choirs or raising hands to the rhythm of soul-stirring crooners, gospel is one musical genre that should be both seen and heard. Once narrowly defined as religious, gospel has transcended those limits to become a profound force in American music and popular culture.

The group now regularly dazzles audiences around the world with its stirring and joyous performances. We invite you to see and hear for yourself this powerful musical tradition


Lido degli Estensi - San Paolo's church at 4.00pm

San Giuseppe - San Giuseppe's Theatre at 5.00pm

Porto Garibaldi - Porto Garibaldi's Theatre at 6.00pm

Comacchio  - Sala polivalente San Pietro, Via Agatopisto at 9.00pm


San Giuseppe, Lido degli Estensi, Porto Garibaldi, Comacchio


23rd December 2019


From 4.00pm



Information office

Ufficio Informazione e Accoglienza Turistica di Comacchio

Via Agatopisto, 2/a c/o Settecentesco Ospedale degli Infermi
telefax 0533 319278
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