Articles from the Old days - Antiques and Craft Market

Street and exhibition markets

Street market for antiques and objects to collect.
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Street market for antiques and objects to collect, particularly coins, medal, ceramics and porcelain, lace and embroidery, knick-knacks, picture frames and prints, stamps, miniatures, manuscripts, furniture, glass objects, books, magazines, comics, costume jewellery, military paraphernalia, radios and gramophones. Artistic Crafts Street Market, one-off production items.


DATES 2016
2-3 January (Saturday and Sunday - Piazza Castello)
6-7 February (Saturday and Sunday)
5-6 March (Saturday and Sunday)
26-27-28 March (Easter edition)
2-3 April (Saturday and Sunday)
30 April-1 May (Saturday and Sunday)
4-5 June (Saturday and Sunday)
2-3 July (Saturday and Sunday)
3-4 September (Saturday and Sunday)
1-2 October (Saturday and Sunday)
5-6 November (Saturday and Sunday)
3-4 December (Saturday and Sunday P.zza Castello)


Ferrara - Piazza Trento Trieste e Piazza Savonarola


First Saturday and Sunday of every month (except August).


9.00 a.m. - 7.30 p.m.



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