Fishes? No, thanks, we are Mammals!


A small history of the Cetaceans. A themed exhibition produced by the Museum with the collaboration of many Italian centres of research.
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The exhibition is dedicated to Prof. Luigi Cagnolaro, "father” of the modern studies about Cetaceans in Italy, who died in 1914. He worked for 50 years at the Museum of Natural History of Milan. Amongst the many stunning models and finds, it is possible to see the complete skeletons of a Dolphin  (Tursiops truncatus) and a Grampus (Grampus griseus) completely re-assembled, and many other skeleton parts.

The big head of a sperm whale will be shown in the middle of the room, and through a model it will be possible to touch the important evolution process to the present shape of the Cetaceans.
Some films about the life of these Mammals will be on display, while the sounds of the whales will be played as a soundtrack.

Scientific Committee:
Bruno Cozzi (University of Padova, Agripolis), Alessandro Freschi (Department of Phisics and Earth Sciences,  University of Parma), Valerio Manfrini (Zoomarine Italia, Cetaceans Centre of Research Onlus), Stefano Mazzotti (Natural History Museum of Ferrara), Daniela Minelli (Museum of Compared Anatomy, University of Bologna), Paola Nicolosi (Zoology Museum, University of Padova), Michela Podestà (Natural History Museum, Milano), Anna Roselli (Natural History Museum of the Mediterranean, Livorno).


Ferrara - Museo Civico di Storia Naturale, via De Pisis 24.


From June 11th, 2016 to June 4th, 2017


From Tuesday to Sunday 9.00-18.00

Closing days

  • Monday


4 Euro; reduced 2 Euro (group 15 pax, over 65).


  • Up to age 18


Museo di Storia Naturale - Via Filippo De Pisis 24
telefax 0532 210508
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